Thursday, November 4

Oh ! Reader's Digest Super Contest

Just received email from yesterday evening

klik picture to enlarge ..
*Empty box are for security reason ... you dumb ass

ABOUT SUPER CONTEST (read this speacialy to rd-dummy)

Are Reader's Digest Super Contest genuine?
In one word "Yes", with an independent auditor/lawyer supervising the procedures and prize draws.

Why does Reader's Digest run Super Contest?
We offer great products at very reasonable prices...and because most people appreciate the chance to win, we throw in Contest prizes as a special bonus. An extra incentive - if you like - for people to find out more about our products.

How do Reader's Digest Super Contest work?
Our Contest has been designed specifically to please you - our customer. We include the rules and operational dates of our Contest on every promotional mailing. Entry to the Contest is free and by invitation only. No purchase is required and every entry has the same opportunity of winning. Only entries received before the Contest closing date are eligible for the draw. Winning entries are randomly judged from all entries received (both YES and NO envelopes). The final draw is held in the presence of an independent auditor/lawyer.

How often do you hold Super Contest?
Every year, we come up with new prizes for you to win. We draw winning entries every 12 months for the main Super Contest, but hold special giveaways throughout the year that have been tailored to a particular offer. These extra prizes range from Hi-fi players to cars, or even CASH!

How much money is given away in the Super Contest?
Taking into consideration the merchandise prizes as well as the Cash, we will distribute over RM800,000.00 in the next year in our Super Contest and giveaways.

Are all Super Contest prizes given away?
We guarantee that every single prize allocated for a Contest is given away.

Will you contact me if I've won?
Most definitely! All Reader's Digest Contest winners are officially notified in writing.

Will the winners' names be published?
All major prize winners' names will be published in The Star and Sin Chew Jit Poh as they are drawn. We also feature our major winners on our website.

Does Reader's Digest ever postpone the draws?
Never! Judging of winners always takes place on the day that has been specified. A brand new Contest begins a few weeks before the old one closes, ensuring that nobody misses out on the opportunity to win. It is quite possible for people to receive entries into both the old and the new Contest during this overlap period.

Do I have to buy anything to be eligible to enter the Super Contest?
Your opportunities of winning are equally good whether you purchase a product or not. However, we do offer extra prizes for customers who say 'yes'. It's our way of rewarding those who purchase our products.

Am I better off if I buy a product?
While you can enter the main Contest - and have an equal opportunity of winning - by saying YES or NO, saying YES to our offer can bring you an extra opportunity to win in a special prize draw.


Some people dont bother to believe in this ... Why? they do not read a lot ...


Real winner 2009 in Reader's Digest Super Contest

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